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Annual Easter Bunny alert

Annual Easter Bunny alert

As the Easter Bunny gears up to make his deliveries, it is our job to remind you keep ALL chocolate out of paw’s reach.

Our canine friends are specifically designed to seek out any morsel of chocolate – big or small, wrapped or unwrapped!

The problem is, chocolate contains a derivative of caffeine called theobromine and dogs have trouble digesting this ingredient.

Scarily, theobromine ingestion can be fatal in some dogs.

Watch out for:

Tremors, panting and a racing heart
Vomiting and diarrhoea
As a general rule, the darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is – but if your dog finds your Easter egg stash, it’s best to call us immediately as ANY amount of ANY type of chocolate (white and milk included) can cause a problem.

In most cases, if we are able to make your dog vomit we can prevent any nasty follow on effects.

Don’t forget: sultanas and raisins can cause acute kidney failure in dogs so you’ll also need to keep hot cross buns off their menu this Easter.

If you are worried about your pet this Easter you should ask us for advice.


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