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Bushfire Crisis – how can you help

Bushfire crisis – how you can help

We continue to feel devastated for all involved in the bushfire crisis. The effects of this disaster have rocked us all, and we are deeply saddened to see the impact it has had on our wildlife and livestock, as well as the communities and beautiful bushland that makes Australia so unique. It will take many years to rebuild communities and restore crucial habitat for our beautiful fauna. We would like to remind you of ways you can help our wildlife in particular:

Wildlife Victoria
Zoos Victoria
Every little bit counts, and while this list is small, there are many other organisations worth donating to as well.

Locally, the Kalgan Bushfire Brigade is fundraising for some Thermal Imaging Cameras, and the Bluff Knoll Fire Facility are raising money for a shed to house a fire fighting vehicle closer to the Stirling Range National Park.

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