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Creating the best cat toilet

When it comes to the loo, cats can be fastidious. They tend to like a quiet and private area (who doesn’t?) and most prefer plenty of soil to cover things up.

If your cat uses a litter tray, there are some golden rules you should follow to help prevent any problems.

Provide a tray for every cat in the house plus an additional tray – two cats should have three trays
Place the tray in a quiet area
Remove faeces daily and change the litter entirely every 2-3 days
Never use cleaning chemicals in the tray – rinse with warm water
Don’t use fragranced litter or plastic liners as cats hate these
Some cats hate a covered tray as it traps the smell, while others prefer the security, so you might need to see what works for your cat
Remember that cats are very clean creatures and prefer deep litter and a large tray to toilet so they can bury their urine and faeces – this is usually why a sandpit is very attractive.

Finally, if your cat isn’t using the litter tray correctly you should ask us for advice. There may be other medical issues such as a urinary tract infection complicating the problem or in some cases anxiety, both of which need veterinary treatment.

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