Dental extractions: no pain, definite gain!

If our vets recommend that your pet needs teeth removed, it’s natural to feel a little worried. Therefore, we’d like to answer some common questions that we receive from owners in this situation.

Will my animal be really sore after a tooth extraction?

Rest assured that your animal will be prescribed several types of effective pain relief suited to their particular dental procedure, which should keep their discomfort to a minimum. Pain relief is generally given:

  • Before the procedure – in the form of a pre-anaesthetic sedation medication
  • During the procedure – we can perform dental nerve blocks to numb extraction sites for several hours
  • After the procedure – pets are sent home afterwards with oral pain relief medication

Will my pet be able to eat properly after their teeth have been removed?

Apart from a period of one-to-two weeks post-operation where your pet may need to be restricted to soft food only (to allow their extraction sites to heal), they should be able to eat commercial tinned and/or dry pet food just fine after their extractions. We’ll advise you further specific to your pet.

Unlike wild animals, companion cats and dogs don’t need all of their teeth, as we offer them an easy, nutritious diet with relatively little work on their part!

Why can’t we just leave the tooth?

Our vet team will only recommend removal of a tooth if they think the tooth is causing your pet discomfort and cannot be salvaged.

Pets can be good at masking dental pain, and will generally keep eating unless things get really severe. Many owners are pleasantly surprised when their pet seems even happier after a dental procedure, due to removal of a “hidden” source of chronic pain.

We hope this helps reassure you about any dental procedures for your pet.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please ask our friendly team!

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