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Euthanasia – deciding when it’s time

Euthanasia is a very difficult topic to think about but it’s an important one, and something that we as veterinarians deal with every day.

Deciding when is the right time to euthanise a pet can be one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make. Most of us hope we never have to make the decision and it would be nice if all of our pets passed away peacefully in their sleep at the right time. But the reality is that sometimes we have to make that decision for them.

There is never a ‘right’ or a ‘wrong’ decision and you know your pet better than anyone. We are here to support you through the process so please ask us if you have any questions. Sometimes talking about euthanasia can help you be better prepared for it (such as considering whether you will bury or cremate your pet).

People get concerned about euthanising a pet too early in case they perhaps have some ‘quality life left’ but something to consider is that ‘a week too early may be better than an hour too late.’ We as humans must be an animal’s voice and euthanasia will relieve pain and suffering. In the end, this is the greatest gift we can give our pets.

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