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Feline fun, indoors!

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Latest Monthly Newsletters, Pet Care

A frequent question that we field from pet owners is, “Is it OK to keep my cat indoors?”

Yes! Keeping your cat inside not only helps to keep them safe by reducing their likelihood of traumatic injuries and contagious diseases, but also protects our beloved wildlife from cats’ natural hunting instincts.

Here’s five ways to keep your indoor cat contented, happy, and healthy.

1. Feline furniture

Ideally, indoor cats should be given plenty of opportunities to express natural scratching behaviours and stay fit by being provided with:

  • A vertical scratching post tall enough for your cat to stretch up fully upon during use, and heavy enough to withstand some solid scratching action
  • An equally solid horizontal scratching “lounge” covered with corrugated cardboard
  • A cat “tree”, including a number of platforms for your cat to jump, climb, and rest on to enjoy an elevated view of their world – bonus points if this can be placed by a window
2. A variety of toys

Cats often love a variety of fishing rod style toys to stalk and pounce on, as well as light balls and soft toys to bat around, chase and grab. Try to play with your cat daily, as this is usually enjoyable for both pet and owner!

3. Puzzle feeders

Offering your cat their meals in a puzzle feeder makes mealtimes an interesting challenge and can help them to maintain a healthy weight.

4. Hidey holes

Most cats love bunkering down in sneaky hiding spots, and then popping out to surprise an unwitting passer-by! An old cardboard box with a few cat-sized holes cut out of it can be recycled into a fun (and cheap) playhouse for your pet.

5. Natural nibbles

As well as their favourite foods and treats, many cats enjoy the opportunity to nibble on cat grass, which can be grown in a pot by a window.

For more information on healthy environmental enrichment activities for your indoor cat, consult our feline-friendly team.