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Food for thought

Food for thought

When it comes to feeding your pet, we know that it can get pretty confusing with the overwhelming number of choices out there. On top of this, pet food companies sometimes complicate things with claims that their food is superior because it is all natural, paleo, vegan, grain free, wheat free and so on.

So what should you be feeding your pet? The answer to that question is easy: a diet recommended by us! When it comes to nutrition, we are able to give you the most up to date and advanced information and can recommend the most suitable diet no matter what stage of life your pet is at.

All of the foods we recommend contain natural ingredients but most importantly, these are precisely balanced for optimum nutrition. This means your pet won’t receive too little or too much of certain nutrients, a claim only particular brands can make.

If you are feeling confused please ask us for the most accurate information. We will help you make the best decision when it comes to your pet’s nutrition.

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