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Giving fleas and ticks the flick

by | Oct 1, 2023 | Latest Monthly Newsletters, Pet Care

A lot has changed in parasite prevention since the old days of dousing your pet’s fur with a strong-smelling spray every couple of weeks or administering a daily tablet!

Here’s how to keep fleas and ticks away from your cat or dog quickly and effectively and why it’s a good idea.

Flea infestation

As the most common external parasite in dogs and cats, fleas are more than just an irritation.

A flea infestation can lead to:

  • Severe skin inflammation in pets who are allergic to flea saliva
  • Secondary bacterial skin infections
  • Anaemia (low red blood cell levels) in very young or old pets
  • Large numbers of flea eggs in the home environment, which can be difficult to eradicate

Tick-related disease**

In certain regions, brown dog ticks can potentially transmit infectious severe diseases to the pets they bite, such as ehrlichiosis in dogs. 

The toxin naturally released by paralysis ticks also causes paralysis in affected pets, leading to symptoms such as:

  • Progressive leg and body weakness
  • Breathing difficulties, which can prove fatal
  • An inability to blink or toilet normally
**At this stage, Ehrlichiosis has only been diagnosed in northern parts of Australia, and paralysis ticks are only present on the east coast of Australia.  If you are planning on traveling with your pet outside of the Great Southern, we can advise you on the best preventatives to use. 

How can pets be protected against fleas and ticks?

It’s best to keep your pet protected against fleas and ticks all year round if it goes outdoors (or shares a space with another pet who goes outdoors). Whilst ticks are less active over winter, they can still be present in the environment, and fleas can survive all year round in warm homes.

For flea and tick prevention in dogs, you can administer monthly or quarterly tasty chewable tablets; for cats and dogs, you can apply topical drops or veterinary-strength repellent collars.

We’re the anti-parasite professionals for keeping creepy crawlies away from your pet, so consult our team for personalised advice on your pet’s safest, easiest, and most effective parasite protection options.