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How pets can improve your health during COVID-19

How pets can improve your mental health during COVID-19

Some say that all clouds have a silver lining and perhaps one major silver lining of the COVID-19 crisis is being able to spend more time with our pets. It is a stressful and challenging time for so many people right now, but there is plenty of evidence that having a pet around can improve your mental health.

Many will concur that it is often a pet that gets us up and out of bed. Pets are pretty persistent when they want breakfast and dogs are usually good at insisting on their morning walk! The flow-on effect of this can be really positive for someone suffering from poor mental health, and this just another reason why we should never underestimate the power of pets in our lives!

Here are a few simple things you can do with your pet at home during this time to help improve your day:

Physical contact: a gentle pat or a cuddle with your pet can release feel-good hormones that help calm and comfort you.

Take time to slow down: walk your dog in the sunshine or sit with your cat while you have a cup of tea. These activities can do wonders for the soul.

Keep a routine: pets help provide us with a structure to the day and can give you a sense of responsibility with a ‘reason’ to get up and start the day positively.

Learn new skills: now’s a great time to learn how to trim your pet’s nails or how to groom your pet. Try brushing your pet’s teeth, as this is considered a gold standard when it comes to pet dental care! Call us to ask for more information.

We’d love to see some photos of you and your pet enjoying this extra time together. Please send them to us via email or upload them to our Facebook page.

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