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How to get your cat to lose weight

How to get your cat to lose weight

If your cat has snuck on some extra kilos over the winter months, here are some ideas to help get him moving and losing.

The most important tip is to make sure he is eating the best weight loss diet and the correct amount. Ask us for the best diet recommendation for your cat.
Separate food and water bowls so your cat has to get up and burn energy to get from one to the other. Using the vertical space works well here.
For indoor cats, if possible, think about installing a cat run out of a window and down one side of your house.
Invest in a laser pointer and start playing! Even the laziest of cats will find these hard to resist.
Play hide and seek. Place your cat’s food around the house and make him work hard for his dinner!
Please ask us if you have any questions about managing your cat’s weight. We are always happy to help so phone us or drop in for a chat today.

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