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How to make your home arthritis friendly

How to make your home arthritis friendly

To help your arthritic pet live a comfortable life there are a few things you can do at home:

Our number one tip is to keep your pet’s weight in a healthy range to reduce the load on the joint.

If your pet is carrying even just 10% more bodyweight than is ideal they can really suffer, as can their joints. Ask us for the best diet recommendation for your pet.

Other things you can do at home:

Provide a dry and comfortable bed with plenty of padding
Heated beds are a good idea for winter
Use a portable ramp to help your dog get in and out of the car
Provide an additional piece of furniture so your cat doesn’t have to jump so high to reach his favourite spot
Continue to exercise your pet in moderation; gentle daily walks for dogs help keep the joints moving and muscles active
When it comes to arthritis and your pet, we are always here to answer your questions. We will help keep your pet happy and comfortable and most importantly, pain free.

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