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Is your pet overweight?

Is your pet is overweight?

The best way to tell if you pet is overweight is to take a good look at them!

Here’s how …

+ Peer down on your pet from above.
+ An overweight pet will have lost definition of their waist
+ Instead of an hourglass figure they might look a bit rotund and may even resemble a coffee table!
+ You will also have a bit of trouble feeling their ribs when you run your hands over their sides
+ A very obese pet will have neck fat, a round tummy as well as fat deposits over the hips

You might think carrying a few extra kilos isn’t a big deal, but unfortunately overweight pets are at an increased risk of arthritis, heart disease, respiratory disorders and diabetes. What is alarming is that most people aren’t even aware that their pet is a bit portly.

If you are worried about your pet’s weight, we recommend that you drop-in for a weight check with us. We will assess and discuss with you your pet’s body condition and, if necessary, start a weight loss plan.

What to do if your pet is a bit portly …

Getting your pet to lose weight is easier than you think! Exercise will help but it is absolutely crucial to feed your pet the correct diet and the right amount. Did you know that we have diets available that will actually increase your pet’s metabolic rate to help your pet lose weight? Just ask Lenno! He is able to maintain his svelte like figure on this diet and keeping him this way has never been easier.

We are always happy to help you out in this department and are the best people to ask for more information.

And finally, check out this dog’s attempt at exercise on You Tube. Did you know that his yawn is actually a sign of anxiety (and he’s not tired)? Maybe he’s anxious about the thought of exercise?!

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