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Keeping A Rabbit As A Pet

Rabbits are not only good at delivering Easter eggs, they also make fantastic pets! They are great company and can be very cuddly. Rabbits are very clever and can be toilet trained, walk on a lead and play games. Their cheeky antics are amusing and enjoyable to watch.

There are many different breeds of rabbits and each has their own unique personality and behaviour traits. Before choosing a rabbit it’s best to do some research into what would suit your lifestyle. For example larger breeds need more space and long haired breeds require a lot of grooming. Talk to us for more information.

It’s a common misconception that rabbits are a low maintenance pet. They require a high level of care, proper housing and good environmental enrichment to live a happy life. Rabbits are highly social animals and should be kept with other rabbits as companions. Depending on their breed, rabbits can live for approximately 6-12 years.

Of utmost importance is diet and dental care. It is absolutely essential to pet rabbits a diet high in fibre (lots of fresh, good quality oaten hay is best). This helps keep their teeth healthy and maintain good gut function. A veterinary check up (at least yearly) is very important to assess dental health and vaccinate against the potentially fatal Calicivirus.

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