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Keeping our wildlife cool

Summer can be tough on our pets but it can be even more challenging for our wildlife. After a few consecutive days of high temperatures our wildlife can become dehydrated and suffer from heat stress.

Heat stressed animals will:

Be weak, lethargic, confused or unresponsive
Come down to ground level searching for water (especially possums and koalas)
Birds will open their beaks or hold their wings away from their body
Have burnt feet from walking on hot tarmac or a hot roof (this requires veterinary attention)
Top tips to help our native furry friends:

Place shallow containers of water around your garden at varying heights (put a stick or rock in them so if animals fall in they can get back out again)
Keep cats and dogs inside and supervised at all times to prevent them preying on weakened and vulnerable wildlife
Become familiar with the information included on local wildlife websites such as the Department of Parks and Wildlife Wildcare Hotline
If you find an animal suffering from heat stress call us as soon as possible – we will advise you on what you should do next.

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