Mira Mar Vet, your local vet in Albany

Laura McNab

by | Mar 27, 2022 | Testimonials

Highly recommend!!
When your vet is more than just a yearly check up to you, it’s a place you know you can rely on when your loved fur-babies aren’t feeling well..
A place that feels welcoming, that you know your babies are going to be in great care and that feeling you get when the veterinary or vet nurse isn’t just in it for the money! ❤️🐾
I’ve always looked up to most veterinary staff and all their hard efforts, I truely believe they must go through some amazing days where there hard efforts pay off but I’m also 100% sure they also go through some hellish days too.. I don’t think many vets get the credit they really deserve ☺️
They care for our babies when unwell, want what’s best for them, give us advice for our pets and they are even there for support for us humans that need that extra help at times.
Recently I had to put my beloved fur-baby to sleep they were there the whole step of the way with so much support, advice and caring for not only my baby but for me too..
There beautiful touches with the lite candle out the front with a little saying to let staff and patience know to be respectful as a someone is saying there goodbyes 💔🐾
I have loved my experience at Mira Mir veterinary Hospital from day one, my fur-babies and naked babies (hairless cats) have all been loved and welcome.
My veterinarian in particular has been so much more than a vet, that helps my animals she has been compassionate, open, honest, funny, inappropriate with my babies of course with my permission haha and like a friend to myself and my animals.
I really can’t thank her and the amazing team enough!!
Please keep being amazing, I hope you are all proud as individuals and as a team