Mira Mar Vets Goes Green

It may not be obvious to many of our clients, but 2014 has been the year that we at Mira Mar Vets have made a big effort to reduce our carbon footprint, and do our bit to help the planet!

Our lovely new solar panels have been in place for almost 12 months, which not only helps to minimise our energy costs, but also reinforces our commitment towards a sustainable future.

Thanks to Jess Brennan, our head nurse, we have also instituted a very effective in-house recycling program, which we take directly to the Albany Recycling Station every fortnight.  This has drastically reduced the amount of material we put into the local landfill, and makes sure that our recyclable materials (paper, plastic, glass, aluminium, steel) can be manufactured into new items for future use.

Also the installation of a digital x-ray processor has helped to reduce the amount of waste water and chemicals that our clinic is producing.

And it won’t stop here!  We will continue to strive to be as green as we can be.  Every little bit counts!

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