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New tick-borne dog disease in WA & NT

New tick-borne dog disease in WA & NT

A new dog disease has emerged this year in the Kimberley region of WA as well as the NT. It is present in other parts of the world, but hasn’t been identified in Australia until 2020.

Ehrlichiosis is a disease in dogs which results from being bitten by a brown dog tick that is infected with the Ehrlichia canis bacteria.

The symptoms of Ehrlichiosis include:

enlarged lymph nodes
poor appetite
weight loss
unusual bleeding or bruising
The symptoms can arise as soon as a few weeks after the tick bite (acute phase) or take some months or even years to show up (chronic phase). The chronic phase also makes dogs more susceptible to other infections and diseases, and is potentially fatal.

Ehrlichiosis is a notifiable disease and is diagnosed by a blood test. The earlier appropriate treatment is started, the better chance of recovery.

The best way to prevent this disease is your dog is to use a regular and effective tick control product, ESPECIALY if you are planning on travelling with your dog to any of the known affected areas. Please give the clinic a call if you would like to discuss the tick preventative options available for your pet.

It is also important to note that if you ARE travelling to the Kimberley with your dog, that there is a ‘boundary’ in place for controlled dog movement. This means that to move your dog out of the known affected area, you need to prove your dog is currently healthy, and has had an effective tick product applied in the previous 7 days, and you must contact DPIRD before moving your dog.

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