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Pet friendly Christmas fun 101

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Latest Monthly Newsletters, Pet Care

What makes the Christmas season better? Why, participating in fun seasonal activities with your pet, of course!

Here are our team’s top ideas for getting into the Christmas spirit with your pet:

Pet presents
There are few things more wholesomely enjoyable than watching your pet get excited about a new toy or treat.
Whilst you can go on a shopping spree for pet-related gifts, you can also save dollars by making your own – here are a few sustainable ideas from the PDSA to get you started.

Playing with wrapping paper and boxes
Never underestimate the fun that your pet can have with a simple cardboard box.
Cats love playing peek-a-boo from inside a cardboard box (particularly if you cut some holes in it and tempt them to pop out intermittently with an enticing dangling toy). Many will also love scrabbling wildly in a box filled with loose wrapping paper.

Dogs will adore a simple treasure box, where you sprinkle some of their favourite treats into a cardboard box filled with scrunched-up paper for them to sniff and dig out.

Watching pet-related films together
Even though the weather outside may not be frightful, it’s still pleasant to curl up on the couch with your pet and enjoy a good movie.

Whilst you can Google lists of the best Christmas-themed movies, you’ll probably feel extra seasonal joy if you find a Christmas film containing pets. Disney’s Lady and the Tramp, anyone?

Seasonal photographs
Photos with Santa have always been a popular way for parents to delight (or unintentionally terrify) their small children. These days, many Santas are willing to take an adorable seasonal photo with your four-legged family member instead.

Extra points if you can share picture of you and your pet doing festive activities on social media – remember to tag us so we can see the fun!