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Pet of the month

Our ‘pet’ for this month for September gave Aimee and Renae a run for their money on a Friday evening a few weeks ago! This little King Parrot had been knocked by a car and was on the side of the road. A kindly good samaritan picked him up to transport to the vet clinic, as he seemed to be dazed and not fully conscious.

By the time they arrived at the clinic, however, the parrot had regained full use of his wits and did NOT want to be removed from the car, to the point where he clambered behind the driver’s side foot pedals and up into the interior of the dashboard!

He could be heard squawking behind the dash, but could not be seen. It took some very handy dashboard surgery (thanks to our samaritan’s husband!) to expose the wiring, air conditioner vents and a lot of feathers. Aimee was then able to use her slender and very bendy arm to wind through the internal workings to grasp our feisty friend!

Surprisingly he was none the worse for his adventure, and is being well looked after by a local wildlife carer until he is fit for re-release.

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