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Puppy training essentials for good dog days

by | Apr 12, 2024 | Latest Monthly Newsletters, Pet Care

Whilst puppies are certainly adorable, they’re also hard work! Here’s how to gently guide your new pup’s behaviour to set them up for lots of “good dog” days ahead!


Before you bring your pup home, have a discussion with any other family members to confirm the house rules. Will the pup be allowed on the furniture? Where will they toilet? Will pups be allowed to beg for table scraps or jump up for pats? Consistency is essential between all household members, or else your new pet will receive mixed messages.

It’s also sensible to puppy-proof your house in advance, ensuring pups have a comfortable, safe area they can be confined to when you can’t monitor them, where they don’t have access to chew anything dangerous (such as electrical cords). A solid baby pen, bathroom or laundry is normally suitable.

Early training

Positive reinforcement training is best for setting your pup up for good manners and calm confidence. This training involves keeping tasty treats on your person to immediately reward your pup for good behaviours, such as toileting in the right spot, sitting on command, or coming when called.

With toilet training often being one of the trickiest tasks, our top recommendation is to set up a regular schedule, where pups are taken to their toileting area after they eat, sleep, or have a play session. Puppies should otherwise be constantly monitored or put in their safe zone to prevent accidents around the house.


Socialisation involves gradually exposing your pup to a variety of people, environments, and other pets in a positive manner, so that they learn to be calm and confident in a range of situations. For maximum benefit, pups should receive good socialisation before 16 weeks old.

For tips on safe socialisation and training options for your pup prior to the completion of their puppy vaccinations, consult our helpful team.