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Renting with pets: How to craft a winning pet resume

by | Apr 12, 2024 | Latest Monthly Newsletters, Pet Care

Do you want to have a strong rental application while being open about your four-legged family members? Writing a pet resume can really help your landlord consider your pet a harmless plus rather than an inconvenience or risk.

Here’s our guide on how to apply with pets.

1. Ensure your pet is in peak canine/feline form

Your landlord is much more likely to think positively of your application if your pet is nicely groomed, free of parasites, and well-mannered.

For dogs and cats, this involves:

  • Looking clean and well kept – ensure your pet’s fur looks and smells clean and has been recently trimmed if they are a breed whose fur constantly grows (e.g. a poodle or poodle mix).
  • Having trimmed claws.
  • Not demonstrating any destructive or antisocial behaviours.
  • Being on an effective parasite control routine – ask our team for personalised advice on this if you’re unsure.

Dogs who will be travelling through common areas of apartments should also be trained on how to walk calmly on lead.

If your pet has any destructive tendencies (such as scratching or chewing fixtures) or shows undesirable behaviours (such as persistent barking), it’s best to consult our team for help.

2. Write a professional-looking “pet resume” to include in your rental application

This should include:

  • A picture of your pet looking gorgeous! Bonus points may ensue for boy dogs wearing bow ties.
  • A summary of your pet’s excellent training (e.g. obedience and toilet training for dogs and litter training for cats) and their (hopefully!) sociable nature.
  • A confirmation that they are regularly treated against parasites.
  • A statement that they are regularly exercised and kept busy to discourage any hyperactive or destructive behaviours.

Landlords will also be reassured if you promise to have the property professionally cleaned at the end of your tenancy.

With the paw-fect application, you and your pet should be enjoying your new digs in no time!