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Staff Dental Training at Mira Mar Vets

Staff dental training at Mira Mar Vets

Some of the dentistry equipment used by the vets at Mira Mar Vets when your pet has a dental procedure. Note the similarities (and differences) to human dentistry!

Last month we all had an exciting opportunity to receive some staff dental training with Dr Mike Lawley, a veterinary dentist from Murdoch University.

We learnt about how best to use our new dental x-ray system, how to interpret the x-ray images (including looking at some very cool case studies!), examining some local cases with dental problems, and finally a wet lab where we practiced removing some of those tricky teeth using our current dental equipment, as well as using some other specialised dental equipment which we have added to our wish list!

It was a very valuable experience, and we wish to thank Dr Lawley for his time and expertise.

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