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The subtle signs of arthritis

The subtle signs of arthritis

Our pets are more likely to feel the effects of arthritis during the colder weather so now is the best time for an arthritis check with us. Most of the signs of arthritis are subtle and you may not even realise your pet is in pain.

Arthritis is caused by the loss of the smooth cartilage that covers the bones at the end of a joint. This cartilage usually helps joints move freely and comfortably but over time, the ends of the bones become exposed and rub together.

Your pet may not necessarily have a limp and won’t yelp or cry out in pain. Watch out for the more subtle signs:


Trouble jumping up on to furniture or in to the boot of the car
Stiff and sore especially in the morning or after lying down
Sleeping more and lying around for longer periods of time
Changes in behaviour such as being more grumpy than usual
Muscle loss along the spine and down the legs

Hesitant to jump down from your lap or from furniture
Land in a heap when jumping down
Reluctant to climb
Reduced grooming leading to a poorly kept coat and matted fur
Don’t be tempted to put these changes down to ‘just getting old’ as your pet may be in significant pain. Arrange a check up with us so we can examine your pet thoroughly.

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