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Top tips for travelling with your pet this Summer.

Top tips for traveling with your pet this Summer

As we all gear up for the summer holidays it’s important to take a moment to think about your pet. If you are traveling with your furry friend, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself to help keep your pet safe and happy.

+ Is your pet healthy? Is there anything you need to get checked out before you go? A change in thirst or urination patterns might indicate an underlying disease. Smelly breath can be a sign of a painful tooth. You don’t want to take your pet on a road trip if they are unwell or in pain. Arrange a checkup with us before you go for peace of mind.

+ Are your pet’s microchip details up to date? Pets can become lost in an unfamiliar area so you should confirm your pet is microchipped and all the details associated with the chip (such as your address and phone number) are up to date.

+ Is your pet on any special medication or a prescription diet? Do you have enough for the trip? Do we need to do a special order for you to help get you through? If your pet is on any compounded medication you may need to allow extra time for this to be prepared. And if your pet is on a prescription diet, do you have enough to last while you are away?

+ Are your pet’s vaccinations and parasite prevention up to date? Are you visiting a potentially deadly paralysis tick area and is your pet protected? Is your pet protected against heartworm, fleas and biting flies? We can advise you on the most effective parasite prevention for your pet.

+ Are you traveling to an area where there might be snakes? Make sure you know the signs of snake bite are, where the local vet is and who to call after-hours if there is an emergency – it’s a good idea to put their phone number in your mobile contacts.

Happy travels furry friends!

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