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Tummy troubles

Tummy troubles

When our pets are suffering from an upset tummy, we empathise with them and want to relieve their troubles as soon as possible (even if we’re pretty sure their symptoms are the result of some cheeky food scrap stealing). However, it can sometimes be hard to know when to just support them with TLC at home, and when they actually require urgent veterinary care to treat their tummy woes.

Here are some indications that a prompt veterinary assessment is recommended for your pet’s gastrointestinal issues:

Your pet is lethargic
If your pet is lethargic, they may be uncomfortable, require pain relief and anti-nausea medications.

For those pets displaying more severe lethargy, this can also indicate that your pet is becoming dangerously dehydrated, or is affected by a more significant illness requiring urgent treatment.

Your pet is a young puppy or kitten, or an older animal with chronic health issues
Whilst healthy adult animals have some ability to cope with a routine gastrointestinal upset, very young or chronically unwell pets can have reduced immune capacity. These pets can also become dehydrated or develop metabolic imbalances much more easily, which may cause a rapid deterioration in their condition.

Your pet is bringing up blood
If your pet is vomiting or pooing fresh blood, urgent veterinary care is always recommended.

You suspect your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have
If you think your pet has eaten something potentially toxic (e.g. rotten garbage or human medications) or something that could cause a blockage, phone our team for urgent advice. Time can be of the essence when treating these conditions.

Your pet’s symptoms aren’t settling within 24 hours
This indicates that further veterinary assessment and treatment may be required for a more significant illness.

If you are worried about your pet!
If you are simply concerned about your pet, please don’t hesitate to phone our friendly team. We’re always happy to help!

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