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Two very lucky dogs

Two very lucky dogs

One evening in early September, we had a call to say that Mrs Winter had found a dead tiger snake in the back of her yard and that one of her two dogs was showing signs of being envenomated. This was unfortunately not Mrs Winter’s first snake envenomation encounter so she was very quick to act and knew she had to get both dogs it to us immediately. Upon arriving, it was then very clear that one had definitely been bitten, as she began to collapse, coming less responsive by the minute. Thankfully the team was quick to act, placing both dogs on intravenous fluids and adminstering a dose of anti-venom to each dog to avoid taking any risks.

We weren’t out of the clear though, as one of the dogs ended up requiring a further 5 vials, along with ongoing oxygen therapy for several hours. That’s a total of 6 vials! This is the most vials we’ve ever had to use. Thankfully, once the fifth vial was administered, Kaya began to regain consciousness, showing us that there was still hope! From there on it was a long night for Dr Jim though, as he stayed by both Kaya and Zulu’s side until the early morning to make sure that they both pulled through, especially Kaya, and the dedication paid off as both dogs survived!

With a further few days in hospital post envenomation, both Kaya and Zulu were then discharged back to their lovely family.

This would not have been possible without a few extra hands on deck though, so we have some very big thank yous to extend!

Thank to all the veterinary clinics who lent us extra anti-venom vials to help us out: Albany Veterinary Hospital, Lockyer Ave Veterinary Hospital and Dog Rock Veterinary Clinic! We appreciate your help so much and it truly shows what a special community we live in.

Thank you to Dr Jim for your endless efforts throughout the night and thank you to our nursing staff for the continuing care and support while the dogs were recovering.

To the Winter family, we’re so happy that both your beautiful fur babies pulled through and are home with you now. Sending love to you all.

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