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Walking the dog day – Feb 22nd 2019

Walking the Dog Day – Feb 22nd 2019

In the spirit of good heart health for both pets and people in February, it just also happens to be Walking the Dog Day on Feb 22nd!

The origins of Walking the Dog Day are a bit obscure. Presumably it was started by an animal lover, or maybe it was the dogs themselves that got together and decided they needed a way of getting us humans off the couch and on the end of a lead.

Whoever started it, this is an easy day to take part in. Make sure you have suitable clothing and footwear for the conditions, grab your mobile phone, a bottle of water, some plastic bags for picking up the ‘you know what’, and away you go.

The great thing about walking dogs is that you can do it almost anywhere. Down the street, in the park, on the beach, the possibilities are endless. The exercise is good for you and for the dog, and since dogs are very social animals you’ll meet other owners too. No dog? Borrow one from a friend or neighbour and get walking!

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