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Watch out for turtles!

Watch out for turtles!

The x-ray of the turtle showing her eggs, and the eggs that were saved.

Please remember to slow down around town – especially near Lake Seppings – and if you find an injured turtle please take it straight in to your local vet clinic.

Last month we had an adult long-necked turtle brought it to us that had been hit by a car, but unfortunately she had a badly fractured shell, and we were unable to save her.

We did however, perform an x-ray on this little lady to see if she had any eggs that could be saved. To our surprise, she did – 13 eggs! Eleven of the eggs were able to be extracted, and have now been passed onto a carer to be incubated for the next 3 – 8 months. So hopefully with some luck, we will have a new group of hatchlings to add to the turtle population next year!

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