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Why are cats so good at hiding arthritis?

Why are cats so good at hiding arthritis?

Cats are even better than dogs at hiding or covering up pain caused by arthritis. This is because cats spend much of their time sleeping and given that we generally don’t take cats for a walk, it is harder to see a change in their mobility. As well as this, in the wild, they tend to hide and keep to themselves if they are sick or in pain. This is just another reason why it’s vital to keep a close eye on your feline friends and get them checked regularly by us. Look out for these subtle signs:

Landing ‘in a heap’ when jumping off furniture
Hesitant when jumping up or down from the furniture and reluctant to climb the fence or trees
No longer using the litter box properly (especially if it has high sides)
Matted or scruffy coat (grooming is painful) and long nails because of reduced activity

Ask us for advice if you are worried about your cat. If we do diagnose arthritis, good pain management can make a huge difference and help your cat live a longer and happier life.

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