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Why Our Senior Citizens Need Extra Special Care

Our ageing pets require a little bit of extra attention to help keep them on all four paws for longer.

A check up at least once a year is essential for your ageing friend. Much can change over this time and we aim to pick up on any problems and act quickly.

Some changes may be obvious such as accidents around the house, hearing problems or stiff legs. Beyond the visible changes, there can be much more going on internally, such as a slowing metabolism and changing of nutritional requirements.

Here are a few things you might notice at home:

  • Changes in appetite or thirst
  • Increasing or decreasing weight
  • Loss of housetraining
  • Difficulty climbing stairs or getting into the car
  • A cough
  • New lumps
  • Occasional vomiting or diarrhoea

Blood and urine tests, blood pressure checks, eye checks, arthritis checks and weight checks are all necessary for a senior pet. We look for changes over the senior years and adjust treatment programs and nutrition as necessary.

Ask for our advice to help your senior pet age gracefully – our aim is to give your friend a longer and healthier life.

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