Animal lovers urged to help save endangered native animals

Animal lovers urged to help save endangered native animals

Want to make a difference for our native animals too? With only one-quarter of known Australian threatened native species protected in conservation reserves, animal lovers in the community are being encouraged to support threatened species recovery programs in their local community. A recent episode of the podcast The Business of Biodiversity has highlighted how engaging the community in conservation efforts is essential to the survival of threatened native wildlife species.

As pet owners, we all know that we’re part of a massive community of passionate animal lovers, and this represents an opportunity for all pet owners to make a difference beyond caring for our own pets – by helping threatened native species in your local area.

This inspiring podcast features interviews with conservationists Darren Grover of the World Wildlife Fund and Jodi Rowley of the Australian Museum, who both talk about ways in which all of us can help threatened species – from contributing to citizen science projects to supporting the work of conservation groups.

Many of the wildlife species talked about are being impacted by a variety of threats, and if each of us in the animal-loving community were to participate in conservation efforts, it could help secure the survival of some of our beautiful and amazing native creatures.

Check out websites like this NSW Government page for information on how to help save our threatened species, or support the activities of conservation organisations like the https://www.australianwildlife.org/Australian Wildlife Conservancy, who do fantastic work.

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