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A Special Mum

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday 10th May so we thought it would be a good time to celebrate mums of the furry variety!

In keeping with this theme, we stumbled across a beautiful story of a mother dog in Chile. She saved her litter of nine pups from a forest fire by digging a hole to allow the week old puppies to take shelter.

The devoted mother, who was nicknamed Blacky, had no time to escape and local residents witnessed her taking the puppies away from the blaze and burying them under a metal container to protect them.

Rescuers who went in search of the pups found them alive and well and they, along with their mum, were put up for adoption.

You can see images of Blacky and her pups and read more about this amazing story HERE.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the devoted mums out there!

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