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“Are flea and tick prevention products important for pets?”

“Are flea and tick prevention products important for pets?”

Yes! Flea and tick prevention products help keep your pet healthy by protecting them from parasites.

With so many combination flea and tick prevention products now available, we frequently field questions from pet owners about what are the best products to use for your pet.

Flea and tick prevention is vital
Paralysis ticks can be active on the east coast of Australia all year round. Affected animals can suffer paralysis and breathing difficulties, requiring intensive emergency care. This condition can even be fatal for pets.

Other species of tick such as the brown dog tick and bush ticks, are mostly found in bushland areas near to waterways or the coast, and can cause local skin irritation and also transmit diseases. In northern areas of Australia, ticks can transmit dangerous diseases, such as ehrlichiosis in dogs.

Fleas are present all over Australia, and can cause severe skin irritation and infection in flea-allergic pets – in fact, fleas are one of the most common causes of skin disease in pets. Fleas can also transmit human diseases, such as cat flea typhus.

So a regular program of parasite prevention is recommended for all dogs and cats who go outdoors. In areas where tick-borne diseases are known to occur, it is recommended to use dual prevention with a tick repellent product plus an oral flea/tick prevention product, to best protect your pet.

Product safety
Veterinary studies of flea and tick prevention products have shown these drugs to be safe and effective for pets. If you have any queries or concerns about using flea or tick prevention products for your pet, you can discuss this with our friendly veterinary team.

Please ask our veterinary team for the best flea and tick protection options for your pet.

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