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“Healthy pets don’t need to go to the vet, do they?”

“Healthy pets don’t need to go to the vet, do they?”

Yes. Healthy pets DO benefit from a regular vet check!

We don’t want you to wait until your pet is unwell to book an appointment – we love to see them on a regular basis! This isn’t just because we love seeing your pet (we really do!) but because routine check-ups help us ensure that they stay in tip-top health.

If we see your pet regularly, we collect a detailed history about their activities and perform a full physical examination. This way, we can detect any developing issues in your pet early, giving us the opportunity to start any necessary diagnostics and treatment plans for the best result. A regular check up also gives us the opportunity to ensure that your pet is up-to-date with their preventative health care routines, such as parasite control and vaccinations.

Some examples of the benefits of a regular vet check-up for your pet include allowing us to check for:

Dental disease
Early dental disease is reversible with dental cleaning.
More advanced disease causes pain and infection – extractions of the diseased teeth will make your pet feel a lot better.
Frequently, we detect abnormal teeth or jaw positions in puppies, and can recommend various treatments to resolve the issue.
Heart murmurs
Older pets or some particular breeds are more likely to develop heart problems. Often, we can detect heart murmurs or abnormal rhythms before symptoms start, allowing us to begin therapy before any major issues occur.

Whilst some lumps may be easily noticeable, sometimes they’re only detected upon veterinary exam. When we find them, we can discuss options for diagnosis and treatment.

The signs of your pet developing early arthritis can be subtle, but examining your pet’s joint movement and muscle condition will tell us if they’re starting to feel a bit stiff and sore! There’s lots of supportive medications and supplements to help.
Come and see our friendly team before there’s a problem, so we help keep your pet happy and healthy!


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