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“Atopy” …A-what-py?

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Latest Monthly Newsletters, Pet Care

Pets with atopy have a naturally defective skin barrier, meaning that exposure to particular allergens (particles such as pollen, grass or mould) causes their skin or ears to become inflamed and itchy, making them more likely to develop secondary bacterial or yeast infections.

If your pet has been diagnosed with atopy, rest assured. You can do a lot to control their symptom flare-ups and help them live comfortably and happily!

How you can help to control atopy symptoms in your pet

1. Cool baths
Bathing will remove allergens from your pet’s skin, and cool water can help to soothe irritation. Following any bath with a pet-safe skin conditioning product is important to help moisturise the skin and repair the defective barrier.

2. Keeping up with flea and tick prevention
Whilst parasites are not the root cause of an atopic pet’s problem, it’s crucial to prevent any irritation of your pet’s skin where possible, as excess scratching or licking could lead to secondary infection.

3. Essential fatty acid supplementation
Essential fatty acids such as fish oil supplements can help support your pet’s skin barrier and naturally reduce inflammation. Our vets can advise you on a safe and effective dose for your pet.

4. Medicated shampoos
Use a medicated shampoo once or twice weekly to treat and control the bacterial and yeast overgrowth atopic pets are prone to.

How we can help to control atopy symptoms in pets

Depending on the severity of your pet’s symptoms, our vets may discuss oral, injectable, or topical anti-inflammatory or anti-itch products. Your pet may require this treatment year-round or seasonally, depending on what triggers their allergic reaction.

In some cases, our vets may also be able to refer your pet to a specialist dermatologist vet for long-term desensitising immunotherapy (allergy vaccines), which can permanently improve your pet’s allergies.

If you’re itching for more information about pet allergies, consult our knowledgeable veterinary team.