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Check out this proactive healthcare!

by | Oct 1, 2023 | Latest Monthly Newsletters, Pet Care

Your pet isn’t showing any signs of being unwell. Therefore, they won’t benefit from a veterinary check-up: true or false?

It’s false!

Even if your pet seems to be doing OK, a general check-up every 6-12 months is strongly recommended to keep them feeling their best throughout their lifetime. Here’s why.

Hidden illnesses

Not every illness will cause overt signs of unwellness, at least in the early stages. Some diseases can have a more insidious onset, causing little to no outward symptoms until things are advanced. Unfortunately, in some cases, when the pet shows clear signs of an issue, the options for treatment or management may be more limited.

Common “hidden” health issues in pets include:

  • Tissue masses that appear like “fatty lumps” or “warts” but are a more concerning type of tumour.
  • High blood pressure in pets, which, if severe, can cause sudden, irreversible blindness and damage to the heart and kidneys.
  • Mitral valve disease, a type of progressive heart disease, can be managed more effectively if detected before it starts to cause overt symptoms.

Proactive healthcare and routine maintenance

Even if your pet is generally well, a regular check-up allows us to perform a complete physical examination to check your pet’s weight, mobility, and general condition. We will also assess for any developing issues, such as dental disease, as regular preventative dental cleans cost far less than the extractions required for advanced dental disease (and are more comfortable for the pet, too).

For older pets, we will also discuss the option of general blood and urine tests, which can help screen your pet for any early-stage organ problems, such as liver or kidney disease.

So, even if your pet seems in good health, book them in for regular check-ups so we can help keep them feeling their best!