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Dental Care at Home

This is a very common question and thankfully we have lots of tools up our sleeve.

Here are our top tips:

Brush those pearly whites

Believe it or not, this is considered gold standard in home care.  We have tooth brushes that enable you to get into the hard to reach places.  We are also happy to demonstrate brushing with your pet.  Keep in mind that it can take a few months for your pet to get used to the idea.  Daily brushing is recommended as it removes plaque before it progresses to tartar and gingivitis.  If you are using a dental paste make sure it is safe for pets (human toothpaste is toxic).  You can watch this video for more information.

Get your pets chewing!

We have excellent dry food diets available that are actually designed to clean the tooth as your pet chews, for example Hill’s canine and feline t/d food. We can also advise you on the best chews and treats available when it comes to dental care, such as Greenies dental chews. Not every chew on the market is entirely safe for your pet so it’s best to ask us for guidance.  There are selections of both dry food and chew products that have been endorsed by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, and these are the ones that we will recommend for your pets.

Reduce recurrence of plaque and tartar

If your pet has had a dental procedure to clean its teeth, our goal is to keep the plaque and tartar away for as long as possible!  To help with this there is a liquid product that can be added to your pet’s water that cleans teeth and gums, reduces plaque and inhibits bacterial growth that causes tartar and bad breath.  Please click here to view the website.

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