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Pet Of The Month

This is Nala, a one-year-old West Highland White Terrier.  She is a notorious “garbage guts”, and has been known to eat everything from textas to wool!

Last week, Nala gave her family a big fright as she suddenly became very sick with vomiting and severe lethargy.  X-rays revealed a strong possibility of foreign material in her digestive tract, and Nala was taken to surgery.

Inside, we found a small, chewed-off end of cable tie lodged in Nala’s intestines, causing significant bruising and pain, but luckily no perforation of the gut wall.  The cable tie was removed, and Nala is recovering very well.

We hope that Nala’s case can serve as a reminder to everyone to be very careful, especially with puppies and young dogs, not to leave anything lying around that may not pass through their digestive tract!

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