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Does your pet really love you?

Does your pet really love you?

Feeling a bit lonely this Valentine’s Day? Never fear, that’s why our pets are here! They are better than any Valentine’s date.

Ever wondered if your pet really loves you? Here’s what you should be looking for:


Brings you presents – whether it is a dead mouse or a headless bird, this is a ‘gift.’
Head butts you – he is depositing facial pheromones on you and wants to leave his scent to claim you – it’s a sign of affection.
He flashes his tummy at you – this signifies your cat is happy to lie in a more vulnerable position and feels completely safe around you.
Your cat kneads you – by massaging you with his paws he leaves his pheromones on you – you are loved!

Brings you his squeaky toys – even if they are covered in slobber, you should accept this as a sign of affection!
Makes eye contact with you – prolonged eye contact means your dog feels safe and secure with you.
Licks your face frantically – this one is self explanatory, you are being kissed!
Yawns when you yawn – it is thought that when a dog yawns after a human he is showing empathy.
To see a video of a dog who is completely in love with his owner,click here

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