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Don’t fear the fireworks

Here are our top tips to help keep your dog safe and calm during the event:

Bring your dog indoors during fireworks or if you know they are scheduled
Try to arrange a family member or friend to stay with your dog during the fireworks if you can’t be home
Make sure you keep all windows and doors closed and all gates secure
Provide a small, dark and safe place for your dog to retreat to – a blanket over a table can help
It’s a good idea to put your dog in a room with a television or radio turned up
You should also make sure your dog is wearing an identification tag and is microchipped (and that the details are up to date), just in case there is an escape.

If your dog suffers from severe firework phobia speak to us as we may be able to prescribe a mild sedative to help your dog. This medication needs to be given well before the fireworks get going so it’s always a good idea to check with your local council as to when fireworks are scheduled in your area.

Speak to one of our staff for more information or if you are concerned about your pet

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