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Dr Dave Update

Dr Dave and his family are in the last month of their extended tour of the UK and Europe! It sure doesn’t seem like almost 6 months ago that we wished them ‘Bon Voyage’.

Since our last newsletter update, the Warren family calendar has been full of UK exploration! They have been exploring London – Hampton court, the Chelsea Flower Show, the Bristish Museum, Tudor Castles, Sir Francis Drake’s boat The Golden Hinde (see the photo!). More recently they have visited the Roman Baths in Bath, plus some hiking and discovery of more Roman ruins in the Cotswolds National Park. Let’s not forget the long weekend in Scotland – visiting Loch Ness, walking to Hidden Valley in Glen Coe and exploring the Highlands, and perhaps enjoying a Scotch whisky tasting or two at the Talisker Distillery on the Isle of Skye! (phew, we are exhausted just reading that!).

During his stay in Cambridge, Dave has also been playing cricket for the Clare Hall team. We have it on good authority that they have even won a game!

We are all looking forward to seeing them upon their return to Albany. Dr Dave can be expected back on deck at MMVH in August.

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