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Winter Storms

Winter is now upon us, and with it comes the dreaded winter storm.

Is your pet a panting, dribbling, shivering mess during a thunder storm? The noise of the storm, combined with the change in atmosphere, seems to trigger a reaction in some pets, mainly dogs.

Management of this distressing problem involves keeping your pet in a safe place where it can’t harm itself, and keeping them calm using voice commands and touch if necessary. Some animals show improvement using a ‘thunder jacket’ which is a tight-fitting coat design to replicate a hug around the torso of the animal and this promotes calmness.

If the reaction to the storm is severe, or the animal is in danger of harming itself or destroying property, some pet owners may have to resort to tranquilising or anti-anxiety medications to keep the stress to a minimum. Please contact the clinic if your pet needs help in this area.

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