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February Puppy Preschool Class

Congratulations to Benji, Maggie Mae, Caleb, Poppy, Zena, Heidi and Charlie – a cute bunch of Puppy Preschool graduates!

We love seeing our puppies graduate from Puppy Preschool! Well done to our February graduates, as you can see there were puppies of all shapes and sizes!

Puppy Preschool is a fantastic way to get your puppy started on the right paw for socialisation, to get them used to the big wide world, and to give you a better chance of creating a well mannered adult dog. The topics covered each week in Puppy Preschool include enrichment, husbandry, nutrition and toilet training.

We know that every puppy benefits from early, calm socialisation and experiences. Puppy Preschool allows this to happen in a safe and controlled environment. Plus your puppy will love it!

Please call the clinic on 98415422 to book into our next class. The classes run weekly for 4 weeks, and costs $80 for the 4 classes.

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