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NEW Dental Xray at Mira Mar Vets

NEW Dental X-rays at Mira Mar Vets

Our new dental x-ray equipment, and some impressive x-rays of an amazing puppy mouth with a lot of retained puppy teeth!

We are thrilled and proud to announce that one of the new and exciting pieces of equipment to join Mira Mar Vets in 2019 is a specialised IM3 Dental x-ray generator and processor which allows us to take and assess dental x-rays.

It has been proven that many dental disease processes start under the gums, and it makes our decision making so much easier when we can accurately assess the health of the tooth roots and surrounding jaw bones.

It means we only extract teeth that show evidence of disease, and it means we don’t miss any tooth decay or disease processes by not being able to see the tooth roots. As well as this, we are confidently able to prevent spread of disease and relieve oral pain.

We are the only vet clinic in Albany to be able to provide this service, so if your pet gets a dental treatment performed, you can have the peace of mind that they are getting not only a complete oral assessment, but also full-mouth dental x-rays as part of their procedure.

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