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How to make an old pet comfortable

How to make an old pet comfortable

It can sometimes be hard to face the fact that our pets age. A grey muzzle, a loss of hearing and the idea of senior pet food can be very confronting. But senior pets are unique, so it’s important not to turn a blind eye to their care and to know how to keep them happy and healthy.

Here are our top tips to help make senior pets comfortable:

Give them plenty of attention

Love and attention is probably the most important thing you can give a senior pet. Regular interaction can also mean you pick up on changes early, and if you notice that things are ‘not quite right’, you can seek veterinary care as soon as possible. Never dismiss the importance of regular time with your pet.

Feed a top-quality diet

As our pets age, their nutritional requirements change. Older animals may not cope well with excessive nutrients or certain deficiencies. Being the correct weight can have a significant impact on their quality of life and mobility. Ask us for a specific senior diet recommendation.

Keep exercise regular for dogs

Gentle and regular exercise is a must, even for arthritic pets. A daily walk that is not too strenuous is vital to keep joints moving and maintain muscle mass. Walks are also important for mental stimulation.

Modify your home to accommodate a senior pet

Ways you can help your pet move about at home can make a big difference. If your pet has mobility issues, consider the use of ramps, elevated food and water bowls. A warm and comfy spot to rest is also essential.

Arrange twice-yearly health checks

More regular health checks are essential for your ageing pet, even if you don’t notice any changes at home. Prevention of disease and early management is always ideal, and there is plenty we can do to improve the quality of your senior pet’s life.

Phone us if you have any questions about your senior pet, we are always here to give you the best advice.

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