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Itchy and Scratchy

The most simple way to make sure your pet is comfy this summer is to prevent itchy skin.

Allergies to fleas, grasses, trees, plant pollen, dust mites and moulds as well as certain foods can all set off an itchy and scratchy show at your house!

Itchy dogs will bite, lick or scratch with their legs however a cat will constantly lick at particular areas, causing hair loss. This quickly leads to self-trauma of the skin which causes secondary infections that require medication.

Our top skin care tips:

  • Be vigilant with flea treatment all year round. Fleas are THE major cause of an itchy pet and regular use of a flea treatment is easier (and cheaper) than fixing the itch. Ask us for the best flea treatment available
  • A premium diet balanced in essential fatty acids is essential in keeping your pet’s skin and coat in top shape. This will provide a good barrier against allergens – ask us for a recommendation
  • Always wash your dog in pet approved shampoo and conditioner – we have these available all year round
  • An antihistamine or a medication to help reduce the immune system’s response to the allergen can reduce the itch – we can provide you with more information so enquire now

If you have an itchy pet at your house it is best arrange an appointment with us. We will help keep your pet happy and healthy this summer.

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