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Keeping it real at reception

by | Jan 2, 2024 | Latest Monthly Newsletters, Pet Care

The reception team are the first friendly faces (or voices) you’ll encounter when you enter or phone our veterinary clinic. They’re an essential part of our team, and they do fantastic work!

Here are some ways our reception team members support our animal patients and their owners:

Friendly greetings
When you first enter the clinic, expect a greeting from one of our smiling faces behind the counter. If your pet is willing, we welcome them with a pat and a few treats!

Whilst pets aren’t always so keen on their medical treatments, they’re usually happy to kiss up to the friendly support staff out the front, who are all too willing to return the love!

Accurate advice
Veterinary receptionists and nurses are well-versed in over-the-counter pet products (such as parasite control treatments and medicated washes). Our veterinary nurses and receptionists can also advise on correct usage, which helps to ensure that any over-the-counter medicine used on your pet will be as safe and effective as possible.

Regarding more complex pre-existing medical issues in your pet or concerns and questions related to product use, our reception staff are also happy to follow up on the enquiry with our veterinary team.

Performing initial triage
When a pet is unwell or injured, our receptionists often gauge the pet’s overall condition (either over the phone or in the clinic waiting area) to decide on the urgency of treatment required – a process known as triage. Triage helps ensure that severely affected pets get the urgent care they require, like in a human emergency care department.

Giving TLC
Our staff understand how distressing and upsetting it can be to see your pet unwell or in pain.

That’s why our receptionists are also wonderful at offering kind, empathetic support during difficult situations, whether it be simple reassurance, a cup of tea, or even a hug to those we know well.

Good reception? We’ve got it!