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Lenno’s dry eyes

Lenno’s dry eyes

Meet Lenno. Lenno is an 8-year-old cavalier cross who snores very loudly and is obsessed with food. We will be following Lenno’s health journey over the next few months.

Lenno is considered a senior dog and has regular health checks to manage his early arthritis.

At a recent visit, Lenno’s eyes looked a bit red. They also had a mild yellow discharge and so a thorough eye examination was performed.

A routine tear test (known as a Schirmer tear test) indicated that Lenno’s tear film was not sufficient enough and confirmed Lenno was suffering from a condition known as dry eye.

A lack of ‘healthy tears’ means the eye is not nourished properly and without tears, the eye becomes very dry and uncomfortable. This condition can be very painful if not diagnosed and treated properly. It can also lead to secondary problems such as corneal ulcers and even blindness.

It is most commonly caused by an immune-mediated condition that leads to damage to the tear producing glands. Breeds that are predisposed to the condition include the English Cocker spaniel, West Highland White terrier, Cavalier King Charles spaniel and Shih-Tzu. Other breeds include the Yorkshire terrier, Bulldog, Pekingese, Pug and Lhasa Apso.

Lenno will need to be given eye drops every day for the rest of his life to manage the condition and we will update you on his progress next month (as well as venturing into the management of his arthritis).

In the meantime, if you ever look in to your pet’s eyes and notice any redness, change in size or colour, discharge or squinting you should arrange a check up with us ASAP. Eye conditions can be extremely painful and generally require swift veterinary treatment. Call us if you are worried.

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