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Make dental health gains the painless way!

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Latest Monthly Newsletters, Pet Care

At some point in your cat’s life, we may recommend that your pet undergoes dental extractions due to tooth fractures, abnormal tooth placement, or significant dental disease. Whilst this can be worrying news, our skilled vets will always ensure your pet experiences minimal discomfort.
Here’s how we will help keep your pet comfortable throughout the process.

Pre-procedural care
If we note significant dental disease in your pet (such as a tooth root abscess), we may recommend that they start on antibiotics and pain relief before their dental procedure.
We’ll dispense the right medication based on your pet’s pain level and general health. If your pet has any known health issues or is middle-aged to older, we recommend blood tests to assess their organ health before the dental procedure so that we can plan the safest pain relief and anaesthetic protocol for them.

Pain control during the procedure
When you admit your pet to the hospital for their dental procedure, we will first administer a calming injection – a combination of pain relief and sedative medications.
Once your pet is under anaesthesia, we will perform targeted nerve blocks to numb certain regions of their mouth. Nerve blocks help them have a smooth anaesthetic and minimise the pain they feel when awake.
We will review their case before we wake your pet again and administer additional “top-up” pain relief medications as necessary.

When your pet recovers sufficiently from their procedure, we will send them home with ongoing pain relief and dietary recommendations to support a comfortable healing process.
Most pets will recover surprisingly quickly from dental extraction procedures. And of course, they feel a lot better after the removal of any painful teeth!

For more information on dental procedures for your pet, contact our helpful team.