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Three mistakes to avoid when brushing your pet’s teeth!

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Latest Monthly Newsletters, Pet Care

Did you know we recommend daily tooth brushing for dogs as part of an ideal dental hygiene maintenance program?

If brushing your pet’s teeth seems impossible for you now, rest assured. With proper training and technique, most good-natured dogs can be trained to accept regular brushing!
Here are the 3 common mistakes to avoid when brushing your pet’s teeth.

1. Brushing when you should be booking a dental procedure
Do you only start trying to brush your pet’s teeth after discovering that your pet has a dental disease?

The issue with this is that if the pet has already developed gingivitis or periodontitis (inflammation around the gumline or tooth roots), brushing will be uncomfortable or even painful for the pet, which means they will likely resist the process.

If your pet has any visible gum redness, we recommend booking them for a prompt dental procedure under anaesthetic. This way, we can get them back to a healthy, comfortable state before you attempt any brushing.

2. Going too hard, too soon
Even if your pet’s mouth is comfortable, they are likely to find it too intense if you immediately try to scrub their teeth with no prior brush training.

We recommend easing your pet into the process with daily 30-60 second brushing sessions. Start with a face flannel over your finger for a gentler sensation the first few sessions, and once your pet accepts this, gradually upgrade to a very soft, moistened toothbrush. Remember to administer plenty of small, tasty treats throughout the process!

3. Trying to brush away calculus
Trying to scrub away that hard brown accumulation (known as calculus) that gradually forms on unbrushed teeth is tempting. Unfortunately, brushing won’t remove this hardened material.
Calculus is best removed with a proper dental scale and polish performed under anaesthetic, allowing us to clean both above and below the gumline properly.

For more information on keeping your pet’s teeth clean and healthy at home, consult our team – we’re passionate about pearly whites!